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Unprocessed Temple Raw Hair! How do you get?

In South India, people believe in God! Lots and Lots of Temples were built by erstwhile Kings and philanthropists and rich people those days. Before Christ!. Hinduism is the main religion and common people, mostly women,  take "vow" for any of their wishes to turn into reality by praying God!. For example" OH God! Please save my Child who is seriously injured in an accident"  "I will come to your abode( temple) and " Tonsure" my hair!". When the child is cured, they certainly go to the temple and tonsure their hair. Making themselves ugly in front of God( Dirty of the temple) is the utmost sacrifice that a lady can offer!.
The hairs are collected by the temple and annually this collection of hair is sold in e auctions to the Manufacturers or exporters. Those who indulge into Hair extension trade offer their best price per kg and take the collection from the temple. Temple authorities use this money for the social upliftment of the society like maintaining hospitals, schools and colleges and give free treatment and free education to the underprivileged people of the society. Also many old age homes and dorms are maintained by the temples and provide free food for the poor everyday.

This is how the hair is collected!
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